We assist financial services firms in their financial regulatory requirements

Our expertise

Solutions to financial services firms subject to control with French ACPR and AMF regulatory organisations.


Application preparation and extensions, assistance in dealings with regulators, preparation and performance of control plans, procedural and policy updates

Compliance checks

Analysis of existing system, drafting, update and adaptation of procedures, performance of permanent and/or periodic controls under delegation arrangements, IS audit, pre-audit and follow-up of recommendations


Assistance with risk mapping, risk management policy, process optimisation, definition of control plan, reporting, stress tests

Day-to-day services

AML / CTF / MiFID training, market abuse, assistance with the selection of management tools, BCP review, testing, GDPR, DPO, monitoring of regulatory changes and assistance with adaptations to such changes

*RCSI = Investment Services Compliance Officers / RCCI = Compliance and Internal Control Officers

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Assisting you with financial regulatory services

Founded in 2000, DCMF (Déontologie & Compliance des Marchés Financiers) is a French company dedicated to assurance services for financial services firms to enable them to satisfy their regulatory compliance obligations. Over the years, we have acquired benchmark status as an external service provider.
The strength of our network, which brings together consultants with wide-ranging experience and specific areas of expertise, lies in the fact that our services are exclusively dedicated to organising internal controls for companies that are subject to financial or banking regulations and assisting these companies with the performance of such controls and/or performing them on their behalf under delegation arrangements.

DCMF helps you to protect yourself against the risks of administrative, disciplinary, financial penalty, or damage to your reputation


Since 2000, our service and quality commitments are the essence of DCMF.
Une transparence et une traçabilité garanties pour assurer la fiabilité de notre expertise auprès de vous, et votre réputation auprès des autorités.
Avec DCMF, vous êtes accompagné par de véritables professionnels de la conformité avec une longue expérience et une parfaite maîtrise du besoin client.
La maîtrise du secteur, des structures clientes, et des meilleures pratiques de notre activité maintiennent notre anticipation au plus haut niveau.
Une discrétion sans faille concernant votre entreprise et les missions qui nous sont confiées pour vous garantir une confidentialité totale.